Drama of the Canned Food Drive

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Food 1For her school’s 2011 canned food drive, my sister Shati and her friends decided to go and collect cans from various neighbors in our apartment complex. She told me some of the interesting encounters she and her friends experienced while embarking on this mission.

Creepy not Cute

Knock. Knock. The door opens, and 5 young children appeared. They were wearing dirty cloths and looked mistreated. The children called for their mother, after which the mother loudly screamed “what do you want!” Shati peeked in the house, and she describes it as an empty, dark place. It was dusty and spider webs could be seen stuck on the corners of the walls.  Finally, the mother unwillingly appeared at the door. She was a very thin young lady in a very bad shape. Her black hair was completely messy and wore a white, dirty, cloth. “Yes, what can I do for you?” she asked. My sister and the group introduced themselves to the lady and described their mission of collecting cans for the needy. The young lady shown a unwilling smile, nodding and saying “yes, yes, very good” with every word the group spoke. It was obvious that the lady wanted the group gone. The group told the lady that if she had any extra cans, it would be great if she would have it out the next day so the group can pick it up. “Yes, yes, okay, okay” was her response. The group left; however, they didn’t have the courage to return the next day.

Geeky Love

Another house that my group visited was not as horrific experience as that of the creepy lady’s. Soon after knocking the door, a tall man, with glasses, opened the door. From the door, the house looked extremely dark, as the lights seemed to be all off. However, Shati and her friends could see a number of monitors inside the house. There were computers, buttons, gadgets, and bright monitors on desks. Furthermore, more bright screens could be seen hung on the walls. This man was a true geek! Was he a hacker, I have no idea, but it is nice to believe that an evil genius lives as our neighbor. However, the man didn’t show any characteristic of evil; in fact, he gladly donated some cans to the group! How nice of him. I call it “geeky love”.

Moving Makes You Generous

This next encounter supports the claim that generous people still abide this planet. When the door opened, my sister and her friends could see lots of boxes. The man told them with an Indian accent that he was moving. “Oh, I am moving, you see. But let me check if I have any cans for you.” The group waited, and sure enough, the man brought two cans for donation. “Thank you sir!” was the response from the group. The group proceeded to the next house, but before they knocked, the man returned, giving them two more cans. “Oh, thank you so much!”. The man left, and the group knocked the next house. After a few seconds, the man, once again, returned, running, with three more cans. Excellent, the group thought, but they were up for more! While waiting for the door, the man, for the fourth time, returns. “Hey, I found three more cans!” We need generous people like him in this world.

Do You Need Your Cans?

Okay, here’s another encounter I think is worth sharing. In another house, a big man opened the door. He had tattoos over his arm, and that alone made the group a little scared. The group told the man bout the canned food drive in fear. They, finally, with great courage, asked if he was willing to donate any cans. The man, after looking straight at the group, replied “WE NEED OUR CANS!” He winked and slammed the door shut. The group could do nothing but think “run for your lives!”

Paint Warnings

Let me end with one last story. While the group was walking through the hallway of one of the apartments in the complex, they noticed something quite peculiar. There was a warning sign that stated “Caution: Dry Paint”. I was told that the group found it to be a great gag. I knew that the apartment is going through some renovation and repainting, but I really think if the employees really put this sign up, their thinking ability need some renovation! But it might have been a little rascal that has put up the sign because he had nothing better to do, or perhaps the employee were scraping old paint that was deadly with lead. Who knows? All I know is that my sister’s experience with this year’s canned food drive was a memorable one.


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