Story of Bon

Personal Touch

This is a quick story I wrote from out of the blue. I just sat down, and wrote whatever came to my mind. However, I did try to include a meaning to this story, even though it may be horribly conceived. Therefore, I apologize for any pains you may have gone through reading this, horribly edited, composition. It’s the raw material from my brain, unedited.

There was a man name Bon. He was the man who dreamed of many things, but felt that his dreams never came true. Because he never got to experience the dreams in reality, he liked to go to the woods and ponder about his dreams. He felt that by thinking about his dreams, he can forget about reality and let his imagination bring peace of mind.

So, on one regular day, Bon was strolling in the woods, pondering about his beautiful imaginations, things that he knew he would never accomplish and find in the sad, dull, existence of his. “Hey Bon!” He looked around, hoping to see whoever called out to him. No one. He hoped it was just his imagination, but verily, he had never had an imagination that vivid. The call was too real to be the trick of the mind. But who knows? The world was full of mysteries. He convinced himself, though uncomfortably, that it was, indeed, his mind playing with him. Surely, he did not want any one stalking him, especially not someone with mischievous plans.

Where was he? Oh, right, he was thinking about his dreams. He continued on strolling through the woods. But as he thought, that moment he dreads approached. Every day, after drooling over his dreams, he doesn’t feel like thinking about them anymore, as it becomes a reminder of his gloomy life, rather than a happy place. That moment have approached once again today. His wondering mind was sucked back into the sad state of reality, like a butterfly being brought down with a net. Tomorrow, he knew, he would want to dream again. Bon turned around and headed home.

“Hey Bon!”

“What? Who are you? I knew it wasn’t my imagination! You are too real”

“Bon, do you dream?”

“Who are you? Where are you?”

“Did you wish for your dreams to come true, Bon?”

“What? Yes, I did, but who are you? Show yourself!”

“Did you ask for your dreams, Bon?”

“What? Ask who?”

“You know very well who I am referring to. Ask for it, and once you are offered, do your part in reaching out your hand and taking it. You see, Bon, there are those who try to grab their dreams without asking for it. There are others who ask for it, but never reach out to take it when it is offered. Be not of either if you want your dreams to come true.”


3 thoughts on “Story of Bon

  1. Very nice story! I think that the fact this story is so short and yet gives such a strong message is very inspirational. Though at first the story seems so slow and pointless, by the end, it get you thinking. I also like the character created in the story. Bon, just as his name, is very simple yet he reflects many people in this world. Overall, I loved the story. Keep writing and stay awesome!

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