Writing stuff


I love writing. I know it is a bit counterintuitive because I have a passion for programming. But hey, being an engineer doesn’t necessarily mean I have to not like writing. My passion–if one would call it that–for writing started in High School. I was in Honors and AP literature class, and my teachers for those classes put heavy focus on fictional readings and essay writings. In fact that’s mostly what the classes were about. And through these classes, I have grown to enjoy arguing my points in form of writing.

One might find it funny, but while I do enjoy writing, I find it extremely boring at the same time. That is I don’t like the process of writing. But I write because of the end result. I really like having a finished piece. I can take the time to organize my thoughts and present my points more effectively in writing than by impromptu words for obvious reasons; and this, I feel, is a huge motivation for writing.

I have slowly started blogging online through the recent years. I write technology articles on a site I co-administer called “McAkins Online”. I also write personal diary type blogs on my personal website, “NazmusLabs.com”.

Before I conclude, I will touch on the process of writing that I despise…well despise is a strong word, but I’ll use it anyway. I find that the process of writing is too labor intensive. I would rather sleep in my comfy old bed. It takes too much brain power to think of a good way to present my ideas, and the writing itself is an exercise for my fingers. Anyway, I wrote this, and while I didn’t enjoy actually writing this journal, I am glad I did because when I look at what I write after it is finished, I always feel that the labor was definitely worth it.


Fire Alarm


So a building at Concordia University was evacuated due to alleged fire. We couldn’t get back in for an hour. So I just went and bought myself a frappuccino. Oh and here’s the kicker. When the fire alarm started, I was in a math lecture. The instructor simply said “oh, fire alarm”, and just returned back to writing on the board. At least he stopped when the entire class shouted “we need to get stop and.get out”.

Nokia Lumia in Concordia University, Montreal


Okay, I find this quite fascinating. In Concordia University, I have been noticing that there are a lot of people with Windows phones. I hear the familiar notification sounds that are so unique to Windows phones throughout the university.

So the other day, I was hanging out with some people after class, talking about anime, video games, art, and tech. Then I noticed that one of the person in our group took out her phone. It was a Windows phone. I asked her which one is it. She promptly replied Lumia 920. It was a high end smartphone, indeed, with a fantastic camera. By comparison, I have a low end Lumia 520, which–might I add–I am very happy with, Alhamdullillah.

Oh, and one more thing. She had Cortana pinned to the Start screen. So she did upgrade the OS to Windows Phone 8.1. Maybe I should tell her about the Preview for Developers program, which gets us more updates more quickly, including the Start screen folders feature.

Bird at Checkout Counter


So a few days ago, my cousin and I were doing some grocery shopping, and I happened to stumble upon something quite fascinating. While waiting in line to check out our purchase, we thought we heard what sounded like the chirping of a bird.


So we turned around. And behold, a lady waiting behind us was carrying a cute little green bird. She was patting it, and the bird was acting playful. It was a strange pet, indeed to carry around with you.
I asked her if it was a parrot; it was not. According to the lady it was an exotic bird imported from another part of the earth. I cannot seem to recall its name, but the bird, he was a beauty. I asked her his name, which I have forgotten since then. But she did tell me that she let the bird fly free, and, to my surprise, she noted that the bird returned to her soon after.


My cousin remarked that he never encountered such scenario, and I was not surprised. The site made my day,