Frequently Asked Questions – Collection of Windows Startup Sounds

Why can’t I hear any sound?

Check your system volume and you speaker volume. Check to see that the volume on the startup sounds are not mute or low. Select a startup sound box and click on the speaker icon to adjust the volume for that particular startup sound. Does sound play in other apps? If not, make sure sound drivers are properly configured and speaker is working. Run Windows Update and ensure Windows is up to date. If sound on other apps does play, close and restart this app. If that doesn’t work, contact us at htt://

Why won’t this application install?

This application requires Windows 8.1. If you have Windows 8, get Windows 8.1 for free from the Windows Store. If you have Windows 8.1, and the install is stuck in Pending, restart your computer and give it another try.

Does this application stream sounds from the internet?

No. All sounds are stored on your PC locally. This application does not access the internet.

Which Version of the App do I have?

To see which version of the app you have, click on the About button on the menu bar. You will see the version number listed

How do I update the app?

By default, Windows automatically checks for updates available for this app and applies them. If you turned off automatic app updates, or want to manually check for updates, please run the Windows Store and check for app updates from there. For help on manually updating apps, please visit



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