Bird at Checkout Counter


So a few days ago, my cousin and I were doing some grocery shopping, and I happened to stumble upon something quite fascinating. While waiting in line to check out our purchase, we thought we heard what sounded like the chirping of a bird.


So we turned around. And behold, a lady waiting behind us was carrying a cute little green bird. She was patting it, and the bird was acting playful. It was a strange pet, indeed to carry around with you.
I asked her if it was a parrot; it was not. According to the lady it was an exotic bird imported from another part of the earth. I cannot seem to recall its name, but the bird, he was a beauty. I asked her his name, which I have forgotten since then. But she did tell me that she let the bird fly free, and, to my surprise, she noted that the bird returned to her soon after.


My cousin remarked that he never encountered such scenario, and I was not surprised. The site made my day,