Writing stuff


I love writing. I know it is a bit counterintuitive because I have a passion for programming. But hey, being an engineer doesn’t necessarily mean I have to not like writing. My passion–if one would call it that–for writing started in High School. I was in Honors and AP literature class, and my teachers for those classes put heavy focus on fictional readings and essay writings. In fact that’s mostly what the classes were about. And through these classes, I have grown to enjoy arguing my points in form of writing.

One might find it funny, but while I do enjoy writing, I find it extremely boring at the same time. That is I don’t like the process of writing. But I write because of the end result. I really like having a finished piece. I can take the time to organize my thoughts and present my points more effectively in writing than by impromptu words for obvious reasons; and this, I feel, is a huge motivation for writing.

I have slowly started blogging online through the recent years. I write technology articles on a site I co-administer called “McAkins Online”. I also write personal diary type blogs on my personal website, “NazmusLabs.com”.

Before I conclude, I will touch on the process of writing that I despise…well despise is a strong word, but I’ll use it anyway. I find that the process of writing is too labor intensive. I would rather sleep in my comfy old bed. It takes too much brain power to think of a good way to present my ideas, and the writing itself is an exercise for my fingers. Anyway, I wrote this, and while I didn’t enjoy actually writing this journal, I am glad I did because when I look at what I write after it is finished, I always feel that the labor was definitely worth it.